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Finding one, individual client at a time is a good strategy — if that’s where and how you want to serve.


But, what if you want to reach broader audiences and have an even greater impact on a LARGER scale?


What if you desire to serve leaders in ways that help them shape exceptional experiences for their customers AND their employees?


How can you engage with brands — from global to local — to support their growth, innovation, leadership, profitability and sustainability?


I am here to serve you!


Welcome to the Eagle Entrepreneur Corporate Business Development Intensive!


Can you afford to invest a weekend learning and applying insights, approaches and tips to help you serve organizations more effectively? Well, I guess the real question is can you afford NOT to?


For 35 years, I have invested my career in helping organizations develop effective leaders, craft clear and compelling strategies, execute with excellence and create exceptional experiences for their clients. As a corporate leader-turned-business leader, my focus is — and has always been — educating, supporting and equipping leaders with practical resources that make a powerful impact. No slick pitch, over polished shine or unfulfilled promises… I am committed to delivering substance with excellence. I am, and will always be, an educator at heart. It has worked in the Fortune 500 companies that I am honored to have served in as an employee first (and then as an external resource) and it has worked in the small businesses we serve that deserve the same expertise as global, multibillion dollar entities.


I built The Batie Group from the ground up while transitioning from a successful corporate career and have led the company through some of the most challenging and exhilarating economic seasons. I was nervous and I planned. I was disappointed sometimes and I learned to bounce back when results were not what I had expected.


There is nothing I would rather do more than see you experience significant success in your business. I will not promise you six figures (now, is that $900,000, $100,000 or $1,000.00??) because I am not doing the work for you. I know what I am willing to pour into you through our business. I put everything on the line for this business — everything — and then went back and reclaimed some of it when I reexamined what was most effective for me. What I am promising you is that building a business that generates significant income and creates generational wealth takes discipline, focus, planning, agility, execution and WORK! Yes, WORK! That’s not a dirty word. It is a privilege we have as business leaders and servants. I promise you that I will give you everything we can fit into our intensive — an action-oriented, resource rich weekend — to ensure you are well-equipped for a business that is as profitable as you want it to be.


During this weekend intensive, we will explore educational content, employ real-time, hands-on learning and simplify your approach with templates and tools in the following areas:

DAY ONE      10 AM – 4 PM (Eastern Time)

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Mastery: Focus on navigating and overcoming mental and behavioral habits that inhibit business growth and disrupt consistency
    • Personal Foundation/Self-care framework
    • Key Entrepreneurial Leadership Competencies
    • Training and Development Resources
  • Entrepreneurial Operations Essentials: Develop the structure and infrastructure that allow your business to operate from a solid foundation
    • Business structure/infrastructure options
    • Product and service development map
    • Product and service evolution
  • Minding Your Money: Get more comfortable knowing and understanding your business numbers without being a financial expert
    • Budgeting – projecting and tracking revenue and expenses
    • Building financial reserves
    • Protecting your business – insurance coverage
  • Business Development Fundamentals: Aligning your promises with your capabilities
    • Presenting valuable investment opportunities to clients (selling)
    • Business-to-business (B2B) key considerations
    • Marketing platforms that align with your products and services
    • Partnerships/Collaboration
    • Training and development resources

DAY TWO      10 AM – 4 PM (Eastern Time)

  • Prioritizing People, Time and Money: Identifying priorities and aligning them with available resources required to deliver on the promises you make to customers
    • Budgeting and allocating project time
    • Executing your plan
    • Ensuring activities have business relevance
    • Eliminating time wasters
  • Building Your Team: Expanding human resource capabilities to support business scaling
    • Professional services – attorney, CPA, business coach, mentors and consultants
    • Operational standards
    • Leveraging referrals
    • Contracted service providers
    • Employees
    • Virtual support
  • Securing and Serving Organizational/Corporate Clients: Developing marketing and relationship development strategies to reach your ideal corporate client
    • Target market
    • Potential service areas
    • Developing relationships
    • Proof of performance
    • Tools and resources
  • Building Repeatability through Systems: Increasing predictable efficiency through systems and processes
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Reliable systems
    • Automation
  • Marketing Strategies for Client Attraction: Leveraging multifaceted marketing techniques to attract best-fit clients
    • Communicating value
    • Relationship building
    • Public relations
    • Publishing
    • Blogging/Vlogging
    • Client attraction platforms
    • Marketing collateral, digital content and video
  • Legal Considerations: Intellectual property development and protection
    • Copyrights, patents and trademarks
    • Nondisclosure/non-compete agreements
    • Operating agreements
    • Contractor agreements
  • Practical Economics
    • Supply and demand
    • Value-based pricing
    • Pricing structure options



  • Product and Service Planning Template
  • Proposal Template
  • Contractor Agreement Template
  • Nondisclosure/Noncompete Template
  • Pricing Worksheet Template
  • Project Management Template
  • Organizational Needs, Capabilities and Staffing Template
  • Budget Template
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LaFern Kitt Batie, MBA is a seasoned Fortune 500 leader, dynamic global speaker and CEO of The Batie Group, a boutique consulting firm and accelerator that cultivates business and leadership brilliance. She is the visionary for a team that helps clients lead effectively, develop compelling strategies, execute with excellence and create exceptional experiences for their employees and customers. Clients rave about her team’s ability to create practical, high-impact organizational solutions.

With a strong corporate and civic leadership track record, the value LaFern provides to leaders helps them deliver what they promise to their customers. Clients value the results her business strategy, leadership consulting, corporate education and professional speaking competencies help them achieve. With accounting, operations and human resources experience, she leads with high business acumen and a commitment to excellence.

LaFern earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Salisbury University, Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland and a leadership certificate from Harvard University. In addition to extensive professional coach training, LaFern is a published author and professional speaker. She holds the SHRM-Senior Certified Professional (SCP) designation.

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