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Now, more than ever, you must have a road map to navigate your way to even greater success.

How are you planning to get there?

I am talking about the specific process you have in place to guide you from where you are right now to a specific point within a specific time frame, not the thoughts that are in your head that you wish you could bring to life.

What if, unlike a conference filled to capacity, you could actually see tangible, forward movement within your business in a weekend?

What would be different about you, your business or your career.

If you had a clear and compelling road map with support and accountability all year long?

The Unveiling Retreat Business Intensive Weekend . . .

is an experience that provides the support, resources and guidance needed to ensure you, your business and your career are positioned to thrive, not just when all is well but when challenges arise. Our approach is a masterful blend of facilitated learning, exploratory coaching and experience-based consulting.

Let me tell you how that looks.

Facilitated Learning focuses on sharing insights, information and resources — a framework — to excavate your rich knowledge in order to help you bring your vision to life. We work through your knowledge and capabilities and leverage them to design a road map that helps you more effectively navigate your journey.

Experience-based Consulting is a solutions-driven approach focused on sustainable growth and profitability. We use our expertise and specialized experience to help you develop products, services and approaches that deliver measurable value to your clients, employers, partners, supporters and team members.

We will specifically share insights rooted in: leading effectively, creating compelling strategies, executing with excellence and creating exceptional experiences.

What will we focus on?

  • Generating significant revenue/income consistently
  • Attracting new clients/employers – the right fit
  • Retaining current clients
  • Establishing and strengthening key relationships
  • Creating and tweaking products, services and capabilities
  • Managing expenses and projecting revenue/income
  • Developing a relevant marketing strategy
  • Communicating clear value for client and opportunity attraction
  • Building a team without breaking the bank
  • Prioritizing yourself through radical self-care
  • Maintaining a strong, healthy personal foundation
  • Anticipating expected results
  • Measuring your actions’ effectiveness

You will leave with a plan that you will have already begun executing.

We do not believe in overwhelming you with information and sending you on your way to work through it on your own. Whether you lead a for-profit business, nonprofit organization or are navigating your leadership and personal development, having and executing a clear strategy is critical to your success.

  • What is different about this experience?
  • How many conferences, workshops, webinars and teleclasses have you attended?
  • Have you read lots of books, created vision boards, attended networking events?
  • How much have you actually put into action?
  • Often, the biggest hurdle to taking action lies in getting ready to take action.
  • This is an action-oriented experience.
  • It is time that you will carve out to do in a supportive setting what you have hesitated to do on your own.


If you are ready to move forward and need support to help you do so, or you understand the benefit of having a consistent, supportive, disciplined approach to bringing your vision to life, this experience is for you.

Who is LaFern Batie?

LaFern Batie has invested her career in working with leaders in organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations, who are faced with complex challenges in situations that are sometimes chaotic. While that may cause some to shy away, this is where she and her team thrive. LaFern focuses on four key impact areas: developing a compelling strategy, excellent execution, effective leadership and creating the exceptional experience. She helps her clients deliver what they promise to their customers through their people, processes, services and products. Clients rave about LaFern’s ability to provide practical insight that makes a powerful impact. LaFern is a visionary leader with high business acumen and a commitment to excellence.

Before launching The Batie Group, she spent over 20 years working for several global corporations as an accountant, corporate trainer, operations manager and human resources leader. As the Batie Group’s CEO, she not only leads the firm in fulfilling its vision through consulting engagements, but speaks and publishes in order to live her personal mission of creating an uncommon experience delivered in an unconventional way with unapologetic excellence! LaFern serves as an advisor business, professional and community organizations.

LaFern obtained her corporate coach training from Coach University, the Lore Institute and the CaPP Institute, where she now trains personal and executive coaches. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Salisbury University (Maryland), a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, a Leadership Certificate from Harvard University and holds senior human resources professional designations.

What would be different about your business if you receive the support that I will provide, take the required action and capture the clients you desire to serve most?

  1. Where would you be?
  2. How would you spend your time?
  3. What could you do in the future that you are unable to do right now?