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The Batie Group supports client development through live and virtual workshops. Whether you desire to participate in… or from the comfort of your home or office, we offer the following workshops:

Marketing Brand YOU®: Breakthrough Boot Camp for Career Success

Are you a high achiever who is READY to reap the rewards of a career opportunity that leverages your expertise?

If you begin your work week feeling less than excited and living for the next day off, maybe it is time for a change. Is your networking working or has it been reduced to a stack of business cards? Can you see the fruits of your labor or are you in a no-win battle with time management? Do you clearly see the path that you are on or are you sometimes in a career fog?

IT’S TIME… High-impact, practical solutions that move you from an ordinary job to an extraordinary growth opportunity!

Let us help you:
  • Establish a solid foundation and a strong start without making common career missteps
  • Increase earnings potential by connecting with clients who value what you offer
  • Maximize career performance with intentional brand marketing and high visibility opportunities
  • Create powerful partnerships with proven and successful leaders and organizations
  • Position your brand for your desired career opportunities by consistently delivering with excellence
  • Develop a career growth strategy that remains relevant in any economic environment

It is a challenging job market but securing the best opportunities has never been easy. With our facilitative coaching approach and action-oriented structure, we will provide the resources you need to get the career opportunities you desire. With experienced business leaders and a result-focused executive coaching, Practical Strategies for Powerful Career Growth!

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The ATINIAH Principle™
Did you know that eight out of ten people spend their lives in jobs that significantly underutilize their talents? Are you one of those eight? Do you have the courage that it takes to choose a purposeful and meaningful life journey or have you grown comfortable in a place that leaves you wondering, “What more can I do? I know there has to be more than this!”

The ATINIAH Principle™ is more than a thought process. It is rooted in a belief system that is reflected in how you choose to use your life. It’s where what is most important to you shows up regularly in how you invest your time – and your talents. You will leave this interactive and engaging session with:

  • Clearly identified Core Values and Key Personal Attributes
  • Strategies to translate those Core Values and Key Personal Attributes into tangible skills to help you define clear career opportunities
  • Steps to design a personal/professional vision and action plan that energizes you and delivers what you desire

Marketing Brand YOU™
Breakthrough Boot Camp for Business Success

Today’s business leaders (as the owner or manager, you are the leader!) are increasingly challenged to achieve great results with innovative, cost‐smart solutions in a continually changing environment — and limited resources. With our action‐oriented, results‐focused coaching workshop series, we have the solutions to help you do more than reach your optimal performance... we will help you stay there! With an experienced Business Strategist and Organizational Performance expert as your coach, trainerand facilitator, we have a strong track record of helping business leaders MAXIMIZE their POTENTIAL!

Let us help you:
  • Establish a solid foundation and a strong start without making common, expensive mistakes
  • Increase profits two-to-tenfold by connecting with clients who value what you offer
  • Maximize business performance through efficient systems, reduced waste and saved time & money.
  • Create profitable partnerships with proven and successful leaders and organizations
  • Strengthen your brand from the inside out by consistently delivering with excellence
  • Magnetize your sales process to attract more customers who fuel your referral pipeline
Practical Strategies for Powerful Business Growth!

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Marketing Brand YOU™

“You have no idea how much this powerful branding workshop has helped me. Without knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed by what I needed to do, I had been stagnant and frustrated. Now, I am taking one step at a time toward my goals. I can see the difference. More importantly, so can others!”
As CEO of "You, Inc.", are your résumé, performance evaluations and past experiences enough to move your career or business to the next level? How much deliberate research have you completed to confidently present your personal value proposition? This interactive session will help you understand and begin to build your professional portfolio. Much like a creative or investment portfolio, this tool reflects and displays your business or professional goals, growth and achievements, and is a foundation for self-directed ventures and career development. Your brand must be deliberate, consistent and exuded with confidence. You will leave this interactive professional branding workshop equipped to:

  • Clarify your value proposition -- what you offer to others that they desire;
  • Align your desired brand with your strengths and interests;
  • Develop an effective marketing strategy that reflects your image;
  • Improve your competitive position in the marketplace.
Does “extraordinary” describe your potential? Then, this experience is for you!

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