Shame, Support and Strategy – What’s the Connection?

Greetings, Eagles!

I can hardly believe half of the year is behind us. It has been an absolutely amazing ride so far! I am grateful for, blessed by and sometimes a little nervous about the challenges and opportunities the TBG team and I are facing. While we are not promised another day, we could very well have six more months ahead of us to begin and continue doing what is most important in our lives.

How are you progressing toward your goals? If you are making progress, AWESOME! Keep soaring. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or have simply lost focus, then you are not alone. What matters is what you do next.

What is most important for you to accomplish for the remainder of this year?

What are you willing to give up to get it?

What or whom do you already have access to that can support your progress?

What is your next step?

When will you take it?

If you say something is a priority, the evidence will show up in the results. Are you ready to soar higher? Let’s do this!

Wishing you continued, immeasurable success…


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