Begin Where You Are!


In a world where we often talk about walking in one’s purpose and maximizing potential, isn’t it interesting that the very thought of doing so or the need to have a perfect picture of the outcome in advance is what keeps many people stuck?

Here is what I have learned from years of working with leaders, organizations and on my own growth and development:

 Many of us hold the vision captive in our minds. Freedom to walk in the vision does not come until you release it. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of information and ideas making their way around my brain. I suspect the same is true for you. Moving your ideas from your head to paper is the biggest step toward bringing them to life. Doesn’t that sound simple? Raise your hand if there is something that you really desire to see come to life and you have yet to write it down.

A vision gets fulfilled when the concept is executed. How will you know what to execute on when it is diluted by other thoughts? It is not about capturing a perfect script; it is about separately documenting the idea in a way that does not subjugate it to other mental chatter.

What do you desire?

How does it look when fulfilled?

Capture it in writing. 

Sometimes, your purpose and potential do not become clear until you look behind you and see the steps you have already taken.

Think about something that you have built a strong competence in. Do you recall how it was in the beginning stages? I remember the first time I competed in a public speaking event in the banking industry. My stage time up to that point was primarily as a vocalist and musician. Already a pretty good communicator, I had no concept of what made for an excellent competitive speaking experience. I read my well-crafted, typed speech word for word. It just did not feel right but it was all I knew how to do at the time. I began watching, learning and practicing what I saw skilled speakers do. I stumbled, restarted and kept moving forward. What I would have given to have been able to move from mediocrity to mastery in one fell swoop! Well, that is not how it happens. My platform skills improved significantly but I did not see that until one day I viewed a VHS tape of myself. (I know the typed speech AND the VHS are taking some of you way back!) Then, I could see the progress that did not always feel like progress while I was on the journey.

Yes, those of us who procrastinate often want to perfectly script the outcome before doing anything but procrastination’s nemesis is ACTION! Do something. Take one small step. It is often easier to take a small step than a huge leap. Progress does not mean you have to do something big. It is often a bunch of little actions that will get you over the hump and help you fulfill your vision.

So, what is the little action you will take?

When will you take it?

Take a step!

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  1. livinglifepurposefully55 March 31, 2021 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    I love this website. LaFern I attended the CTI and I was so impressed with your coaching skills and your knowledge that I wanted to checkout your website and I am so glad I did. I am just starting out and I ordered your Marketing book. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. The Blog about communication really resonated with me. I need to have a crucial conversation with an employee and I will definitely use the strategies you shared.

    Thank you again for sharing your talents and knowledge with those of us just starting out.

    Regina Clausell

    • LaFern Batie June 2, 2021 at 9:51 pm - Reply

      THANK YOU so much, Regina! I greatly appreciate your feedback and for the amazing opportunity to have served you. Stay well and keep soaring!


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